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Competitive Pay

Your hard work deserves great compensation. At Four Ways Cargo, we believe in rewarding our drivers for their dedication and expertise.

Home Time Matters

We understand the importance of being home when you need to be. Our flexible schedules allow you to strike the right balance between work and home life.

Respectful Environment

Join a team where respect is at the core of our culture. We value each member of the Four Ways Cargo family and treat everyone with the respect they deserve.

Explore a Better Trucking Experience!

Ready for a trucking company that values your time, pays competitively, and treats you with the respect you deserve? Join Four Ways Cargo and experience the difference!

Four Ways Cargo

Lease Purchase offer

What we pay

You will get 75% of the load
(Drivers are responsible for regular wear and tear, tires, brakes, body damages. We will pay for DOT inspections, oil changes for the reefer unit, and anything engine related.)
– ELD Installation FREE of Charge
– Personal Dispatch, Non-Forced Dispatch – 24/7
– Consistent loads
– Direct Deposit Pay Every Friday
– Fuel Cards
– Limited Cash Advances available
– 100% Independent Contractor company
– Pets and Passenger Allowed
– First tractor and trailer wash and washout its on the company
When the lease ends the truck is yours, no balloon payment, no down payment no credit check 


1st statement no truck payment
Two weeks of vacation per year, truck payment on hold (first after 3 months, second after 6 months). The driver must communicate with dispatch to schedule vacation time.
Safety bonus up to $1000 per inspection
Fuel discount -> 25 cents per gallon (weekly pay)
Substitute truck in case of emergency (breakdown)

Trucks that we have

● 2024 Freightliner Cascadia, $800 x 234 weeks, 15* cpm maintenance
● 2023 Freightliner Cascadia, $750 x 234 weeks, 17* cmp maintenance
● 2022 Freightliner Cascadia, $700 x 234 weeks, 17* cpm maintenance
● 2021 Freightliner Cascadia, $650 x 208 weeks, 20* cpm maintenance
● 2020 Freightliner Cascadia, $600 x 182 weeks, 20* cpm maintenance
*maintenance account can not be used for:
– Locksmith
– Towing due to improper parking
– Running out of fuel
– Truck and trailer wash

90% of the lanes are in this area!

Running Lanes
Four Ways Cargo


Transportation Provided: Flight, Bus, or Train

Whether you prefer the skies, the road, or the tracks, we’ve got you covered! Choose the mode of transportation that suits you best, and we’ll make sure you arrive comfortably and on time.

Motel Accommodation Included

Relax and focus on your future with a comfortable overnight stay at a nearby motel. We believe in making your experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

Four Ways Cargo


Don't just take our word for it – listen to what our drivers have to say!

Eric Wilson, praises the company for helping him own his truck quickly, paying it off in just two years. He highlights the excellent support from recruiting to maintenance, emphasizing the respectful and prompt team. Four Ways Cargo is described as family-oriented, prioritizing work-life balance. Eric recommends the company, concluding with an endorsement for Four Ways Cargo as the best in the game.

John Reed, in his almost one-year tenure, he appreciates the good pay, respect, and flexibility in getting home when needed. He highlights the collaborative approach to planning his week, including loading, unloading, and home time. He values the quick response from the night shift, emphasizing the accessibility and assistance available in any situation. John highly recommends Four Ways Cargo for those looking to elevate their truck driving career.

John, has been with Four Ways Cargo for nearly two years, he is highlighting his positive experience with his dispatcher, excellent home time, and phenomenal pay. John appreciates the family-like treatment, stating that at Four Ways Cargo, you’re not just a number. He commends the company for fostering success as a business owner, providing support, and ensuring good loads. John describes Four Ways Cargo as “home” and encourages others to call and experience the positive atmosphere.

Carl Martin highlights the company’s honesty, family-like atmosphere, and responsiveness to his needs. Carl appreciates the consistency in pay, the company’s focus on safety, and efficient maintenance services. He recommends Four Ways Cargo for drivers with a good driving record and emphasizes the importance of communication. He emphasizes that his positive experience is based on the company delivering on its promises, both in terms of equipment and earnings.

Dana praises the excellent dispatch, accommodating his travel preferences and praises the after-hours department for quick problem resolution. He notes the smooth transition to Four Ways Cargo and praises the maintenance, safety, and supervision departments. He is recommending Four Ways Cargo as a company that values drivers and provides excellent equipment and support.

David recommends the company for its smooth recruitment process, effective communication with dispatch, and support for personal needs. He emphasizes the company’s commitment to safety, maintenance, and fair bonuses based on performance, concluding that Four Ways is the best company he’s worked for in his 23-year career.

Four Ways Cargo


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